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Acadia National Park Tours

Acadia National Park has a very interesting history! Did you know that Acadia, which was founded back in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson went through three names before before becoming Acadia National Park?

  • 1916: Sieur de Monts was the name the park was established in by President Woodrow Wilson.
  • 1919: Lafayette National Park was the name the park was given when it became the first National Park east of the Mississippi. This means the park itself wasn't deemed a national park until three years after it was founded!
  • 1929: Acadia National Park was the last name the park took up in 1929.

One of the best ways to include a trip to Acadia National Park is by way of a New England Fall Foliage tour. One of the most popular stops on any fall foliage tour is Maine where Acadia National Park is located.

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