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Badlands National Park Tours

Badlands National Park, given its name by the Lakota, is located in southwestern South Dakota, and is comprised of 244,000 acres of protected prairie lands that draws visitors from around the world. Badlands National Park is known for containing one of the world’s richest fossil beds, with ancient mammal remains such as the saber-toothed cat, ancient camels and three-toed horses. Visitors can experience the beauty of the park and explore the unique geologic formations by hiking and camping. The Badlands are known for their colorful land formations created by wind and water - deep gorges and buttes, spires and pinnacles, all showcasing the sedimentary layers of different colors. Badlands National Park is alive with unique wildlife such as prairie dogs, bighorn sheep, turtles, bison, and even the black-footed ferret, one of the most endangered land mammals in North America.

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