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Denali National Park

Denali Overview

A 92 mile dirt road running east to west beginning at the park's entrance. Between May 20th and Mid-September you can make it the first fifteen miles to Savage River, but the rest of the way would have to be done by way of the park's busses. (To learn more about transit, click HERE.)

Denali History

Denali National Park was created by Congress in 1917 but not because the land needed protecting... Congress enacted the protection of the land for the preservation of Dall Sheep, which were being hunted! This would not have been possible without conservationists Charles Sheldon and Harry Karstens who spent a decade trying to persuade Congress to protect the land.

Denali Trends

About 600,000 travelers visit Denali every year. The average traveler as per a 2011 social science research is a sixty three year old Californian traveling with other family members.

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